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Windows server 2016 standard price in pakistan free.Tablet computer


A tablet computer , commonly shortened to tablet , is a mobile device , typically with a mobile operating system and touchscreen display processing circuitry , and a rechargeable battery in a single, thin and flat package. Modern tablets largely resemble modern smartphones , the only differences being that tablets are relatively larger than smartphones, with screens 7 inches 18 cm or larger, measured diagonally, [1] [2] [3] [4] and may not support access to a cellular network. The touchscreen display is operated by gestures executed by finger or digital pen stylus , instead of the mouse , touchpad , and keyboard of larger computers.

Portable computers can be classified according to the presence and appearance of physical keyboards. Two species of tablet, the slate and booklet , do not have physical keyboards and usually accept text and other input by use of a virtual keyboard shown on their touchscreen displays.

To compensate for their lack of a physical keyboard, most tablets can connect to independent physical keyboards by Bluetooth or USB ; 2-in-1 PCs have keyboards, distinct from tablets.

The form of the tablet was conceptualized in the middle of the 20th century Stanley Kubrick depicted fictional tablets in the science fiction film A Space Odyssey and prototyped and developed in the last two decades of that century. In , Apple released the iPad , the first mass-market tablet to achieve widespread popularity. The market for tablets is split relatively evenly between Apple’s iPad and Android tablets, with iPads capturing slightly more global market share. The tablet computer and its associated operating system began with the development of pen computing.

Throughout the 20th century devices with these characteristics have been imagined and created whether as blueprints , prototypes , or commercial products. The development of the tablet computer was enabled by several key technological advances. The rapid scaling and miniaturization of MOSFET transistor technology Moore’s law , the basic building block of mobile devices and computing devices , [14] [15] made it possible to build portable smart devices such as tablet computers.

Tablet computers appeared in a number of works of science fiction in the second half of the 20th century; all helped to promote and disseminate the concept to a wider audience. Apple Computer launched the Apple Newton personal digital assistant in The operating system and platform design were later licensed to Sharp and Digital Ocean , who went on to manufacture their own variants.

Pen computing was highly hyped by the media during the early s. The company launched the WinPad project, working together with OEMs such as Compaq , to create a small device with a Windows -like operating system and handwriting recognition. However the project was abandoned two years later; instead Windows CE was released in the form of ” Handheld PCs ” in It was later re-branded as the “Intel Web Tablet”. It had slots for SIM cards to enable support of television set-up box.

FreePad were sold in Norway and the Middle East; but the company was dissolved in Sony released its Airboard tablet in Japan in late with full wireless Internet capabilities. In the late s, Microsoft launched the Handheld PC platform using their Windows CE operating system; while most devices were not tablets, a few touch enabled tablets were released on the platform such as the Fujitsu PenCentra or Siemens ‘s SIMpad. Nokia had plans for an Internet tablet since before The user interface and application framework layer, named Hildon , was an early instance of a software platform for generic computing in a tablet device intended for internet consumption.

They made two mobile phones, the N that runs Maemo, and N9 that run Meego. The Modbook uses Apple’s Inkwell for handwriting and gesture recognition, and uses digitization hardware from Wacom. To get Mac OS X to talk to the digitizer on the integrated tablet, the Modbook was supplied with a third-party driver. Following the launch of the Ultra-mobile PC , Intel began the Mobile Internet Device initiative, which took the same hardware and combined it with a tabletized Linux configuration.

Intel codeveloped the lightweight Moblin mobile Linux operating system following the successful launch of the Atom CPU series on netbooks. In , Nokia and Intel combined the Maemo and Moblin projects to form MeeGo, a Linux-based operating system supports netbooks and tablets.

Android was the first of the s-era dominating platforms for tablet computers to reach the market. In , the first plans for Android-based tablets appeared. The first products were released in Among them was the Archos 5, a pocket-sized model with a 5-inch touchscreen , that was first released with a proprietary operating system and later in released with Android 1.

The Camangi WebStation was released in Q2 This unit was called the Ultra, but a version called Vega was released around the same time. Ultra had a 7-inch display while Vega’s was 15 inches. Many more products followed in Several manufacturers waited for Android Honeycomb , specifically adapted for use with tablets, which debuted in February Apple is often credited for defining a new class of consumer device with the iPad , [58] which shaped the commercial market for tablets in the following years, [59] and was the most successful tablet at the time of its release.

Internet users owned a tablet, used mainly for viewing published content such as video and news. Android tablet sales volume was million devices, plus 52 million, between and respectively. In tablet sales did not increase. Newer models were more expensive and designed for a keyboard and stylus, which reflected the changing uses.

Tablets can be loosely grouped into several categories by physical size, kind of operating system installed, input and output technology, and uses.

The size of a slate varies, but slates begin at 6 inches approximately 15 cm. Mini tablets are smaller and weigh less than slates, with typical screen sizes between 7—8 inches 18—20 cm. The first commercially successful mini tablets were introduced by Amazon. They operate identically to ordinary tablets but have lower specifications compared to them.

On September 14, , Amazon, Inc. In November , Apple released the iPad Mini 2 , which remained at 7. Smartphones and tablets are similar devices, differentiated by the former typically having smaller screens and most tablets lacking cellular network capability. Since , crossover touchscreen smartphones with screens larger than 5 inches have been released. That size is generally considered larger than a traditional smartphone, creating the hybrid category of the phablet by Forbes [93] and other publications.

At the time of the introduction of the first phablets, they had screens of 5. Examples of phablets from and onward are the Samsung Galaxy Note series newer models of 5. A 2-in-1 PC is a hybrid or combination of a tablet and laptop computer that has features of both. Distinct from tablets, 2-in-1 PCs all have physical keyboards , but they are either concealable by folding them back and under the touchscreen “2-in-1 convertible” or detachable “2-in-1 detachable”.

Some 2-in-1s have processors and operating systems like those of laptops, such as Windows 10 , while having the flexibility of operation as a tablet. Simple tablets are mainly used as media consumption devices, while 2-in-1s have capacity for both media consumption and content creation , and thus 2-in-1s are often called laptop or desktop replacement computers. Some tablets are modified by adding physical gamepad buttons such as D-pad and thumb sticks for better gaming experience combined with the touchscreen and all other features of a typical tablet computer.

Most of these tablets are targeted to run native OS games and emulator games. Nvidia ‘s Shield Tablet , with an 8-inch mm display, and running Android , is an example. It runs Android games purchased from Google Play store. PC games can also be streamed to the tablet from computers with some higher end models of Nvidia-powered video cards. Booklets are dual-touchscreen tablet computers with a clamshell design that can fold like a laptop.

Examples include the Microsoft Courier , which was discontinued in , [95] [96] the Sony Tablet P considered a flop , [97] and the Toshiba Libretto W Customized business tablets are built specifically for a business customer’s particular needs from a hardware and software perspective, and delivered in a business-to-business transaction.

For example, in hardware, a transportation company may find that the consumer-grade GPS module in an off-the-shelf tablet provides insufficient accuracy, so a tablet can be customized and embedded with a professional-grade antenna to provide a better GPS signal.

Such tablets may also be ruggedized for field use. For a software example, the same transportation company might remove certain software functions in the Android system, such as the internet browser, to reduce costs from needless cellular network data consumption of an employee, and add custom package management software. Other applications may call for a resistive touchscreen and other special hardware and software. A table ordering tablet is a touchscreen tablet computer designed for use in casual restaurants.

Since , restaurant chains including Chili’s , [99] Olive Garden [] and Red Robin [] have adopted them. As of , the two most popular brands were Ziosk and Presto. Two major architectures dominate the tablet market, [] ARM Ltd. The CPUs have been incorporated into tablet PCs over the years and generally offer greater performance along with the ability to run full versions of Microsoft Windows , along with Windows desktop and enterprise applications.

Non-Windows based x86 tablets include the JooJoo. Intel announced plans to enter the tablet market with its Atom in ARM’s licensing model supported this success by allowing device manufacturers to license, alter and fabricate custom SoC derivatives tailored to their own products. This has helped manufacturers extend battery life and shrink component count along with the size of devices.

The multiple licensees ensured that multiple fabricators could supply near-identical products, while encouraging price competition. This forced unit prices down to a fraction of their x86 equivalents. The architecture has historically had limited support from Microsoft, with only Windows CE available, but with the release of Windows 8, Microsoft announced added support for the architecture, shipping their own ARM-based tablet computer, branded the Microsoft Surface , as well as an x Intel Core i5 variant branded as Microsoft Surface Pro.

A key component among tablet computers is touch input on a touchscreen display. This allows the user to navigate easily and type with a virtual keyboard on the screen or press other icons on the screen to open apps or files.

The first tablet to do this was the GRiDPad by GRiD Systems Corporation ; the tablet featured both a stylus , a pen-like tool to aid with precision in a touchscreen device as well as an on-screen keyboard. This operation makes precise use of our eye—hand coordination. Since mids, most tablets use capacitive touchscreens with multi-touch , unlike earlier resistive touchscreen devices which users needed styluses to perform inputs.

Many tablets support a stylus and support handwriting recognition. Wacom and N-trig digital pens provide approximately DPI resolution for handwriting, exceeding the resolution of capacitive touch screens by more than a factor of Pressure is also used in digital art applications such as Autodesk Sketchbook. After , with access to capacitive screens and the success of the iPhone, other features became common, such as multi-touch features in which the user can touch the screen in multiple places to trigger actions and other natural user interface features, as well as flash memory solid state storage and “instant on” warm-booting ; external USB and Bluetooth keyboards defined tablets.

Most tablets released since mid use a version of an ARM processor for longer battery life. The ARM Cortex family is powerful enough for tasks such as internet browsing , light creative and production work and mobile games. Other features are: High-definition, anti-glare display , touchscreen, lower weight and longer battery life than a comparably-sized laptop, wireless local area and internet connectivity usually with Wi-Fi standard and optional mobile broadband , Bluetooth for connecting peripherals and communicating with local devices, ports for wired connections and charging, for example USB ports , Early devices had IR support and could work as a TV remote controller , docking station , keyboard and added connectivity, on-board flash memory , ports for removable storage, various cloud storage services for backup and syncing data across devices, local storage on a local area network LAN.

Tablets, like conventional PCs, use several different operating systems , though dual-booting is rare.


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Lab Report. Annotated bibliography. Case study. Term paper. Research paper. Essay any type. Creative writing. Design a robust patch management plan for a new startup that will use primarily Windows workstations and Linux servers in its day-to-day operations. By mid, it was installed in Pathmark stores in New Jersey and Dillard’s department stores. One of the first microprocessor-controlled cash register systems was built by William Brobeck and Associates in , for McDonald’s Restaurants.

Each station in the restaurant had its own device which displayed the entire order for a customer — for example, [2] Vanilla Shake, [1] Large Fries, [3] BigMac — using numeric keys and a button for every menu item. By pressing the [Grill] button, a second or third order could be worked on while the first transaction was in progress. When the customer was ready to pay, the [Total] button would calculate the bill, including sales tax for almost any jurisdiction in the United States.

This made it accurate for McDonald’s and very convenient for the servers and provided the restaurant owner with a check on the amount that should be in the cash drawers. Up to eight devices were connected to one of two interconnected computers so that printed reports, prices, and taxes could be handled from any desired device by putting it into Manager Mode.

In addition to the error-correcting memory, accuracy was enhanced by having three copies of all important data with many numbers stored only as multiples of 3. Should one computer fail, the other could handle the entire store.

In , Eugene “Gene” Mosher introduced the first graphical point of sale software [7] featuring a touchscreen interface under the ViewTouch [8] trademark on the bit Atari ST color computer. This was the first commercially available POS system with a widget-driven color graphic touch screen interface and was installed in several restaurants in the US and Canada.

The availability of local processing power, local data storage, networking, and graphical user interface made it possible to develop flexible and highly functional POS systems.

Cost of such systems has also declined, as all the components can now be purchased off-the-shelf. This was developed up to when it was sold to Toshiba , who continued to support it up to at least As far as computers are concerned, off-the-shelf versions are usually newer, hence more powerful than proprietary POS terminals. Custom modifications are added as needed. Other products, like touchscreen tablets and laptops, are readily available in the market, and they are more portable than traditional POS terminals.

The key requirements that must be met by modern POS systems include high and consistent operating speed, reliability, ease of use, remote supportability, low cost, and rich functionality. Reliability depends not wholly on the developer but at times on the compatibility between a database and an OS version.

For example, the widely used Microsoft Access database system had a compatibility issue when Windows XP machines were updated to a newer version of Windows. Microsoft offered no immediate solution. Some businesses were severely disrupted in the process, and many downgraded back to Windows XP for a quick resolution.

Other companies utilized community support, for a registry tweak solution has been found for this. POS systems are one of the most complex software systems available because of the features that are required by different end users.

Many POS systems are software suites that include sale, inventory, stock counting, vendor ordering, customer loyalty and reporting modules. Sometimes purchase ordering, stock transferring, quotation issuing, barcode creating, bookkeeping or even accounting capabilities are included. Each of these modules is interlinked if they are to serve their practical purpose and maximize their usability.

For instance, the sale window is immediately updated on a new member entry through the membership window because of this interlinking.

Similarly, when a sale transaction is made, any purchase by a member is on record for the membership window to report providing information like payment type, goods purchased, date of purchase and points accumulated. Comprehensive analysis performed by a POS machine may need to process several qualities about a single product, like selling price, balance, average cost, quantity sold, description and department.

Highly complex programming is involved and possibly considerable computer resources to generate such extensive analyses. POS systems are designed not only to serve the retail, wholesale and hospitality industries as historically is the case. Currently POS systems are also used in goods and property leasing businesses, equipment repair shops, healthcare management, ticketing offices such as cinemas and sports facilities and many other operations where capabilities such as the following are required: processing monetary transactions, allocation and scheduling of facilities, keeping record and scheduling services rendered to customers, tracking of goods and processes repair or manufacture , invoicing and tracking of debts and outstanding payments.

Different customers have different expectations within each trade. To cite special requirements, some business’s goods may include perishables and hence the inventory system must be capable of prompting the admin and cashier on expiring or expired products.

Some retail businesses require the system to store credit for their customers, credit which can be used subsequently to pay for goods. In the hospitality industry, POS system capabilities can also diverge significantly. For instance, while a restaurant is typically concerned about how the sale window functions: whether it has functionality such as creating item buttons, various discounts, adding a service charge, holding of receipts, queuing, table service as well as takeaways, merging and splitting of a receipt.

These capabilities may be insufficient for a spa or slimming center which would require, in addition, a scheduling window with historical records of customers’ attendance and their special requirements. A POS system can be made to serve different purposes to different end users depending on their business processes. Often an off-the-shelf POS system is inadequate for customers. Some customization is required, and this is why a POS system can become very complex.

The complexity of a mature POS system extends to remote networking or interlinking between remote outlets and the HQ such that updating both ways is possible. Some POS systems offer the linking of web-based orders to their sale window. Even when local networking is only required as in the case of a high-traffic supermarket , there is the ever-present challenge for the developer to keep most if not all of their POS stations running. This puts high demand not just on software coding but also designing the whole system covering how individual stations and the network work together, and special consideration for the performance capability and usage of databases.

Due to such complexity, bugs and errors encountered in POS systems are frequent. With regards to databases, POS systems are very demanding on their performance because of numerous submissions and retrievals of data – required for correct sequencing the receipt number, checking various discounts, membership, calculating subtotal, so forth – just to process a single sale transaction.

The immediacy required of the system on the sale window such as may be observed at a checkout counter in a supermarket cannot be compromised. This places much stress on individual enterprise databases if there are just several tens of thousands of sale records in the database. Enterprise database Microsoft SQL Server, for example, has been known to freeze up including the OS entirely for many minutes under such conditions showing a “Timeout Expired” error message.

Even a lighter database like Microsoft Access will slow to a crawl over time if the problem of database bloating is not foreseen and managed by the system automatically. Therefore, the need to do extensive testing, debugging and improvisation of solutions to preempt failure of a database before commercial implementation complicates the development.

POS system accuracy is demanding, given that monetary transactions are involved continuously not only via the sale window but also at the back end through the receiving and inputting of goods into the inventory.

Calculations required are not always straightforward. There may be many discounts and deals that are unique to specific products, and the POS machine must quickly process the differences and the effect on pricing. There is much complexity in the programming of such operations, especially when no error in calculation can be allowed.

It should enable a user to adjust the inventory of each product based on physical count, track expiry of perishable goods, change pricing, provide audit trail when modification of inventory records is performed, be capable of multiple outlet functionality, control of stocks from HQ, doubling as an invoicing system, just to name some. It is clear that POS system is a term that implies a wide range of capabilities depending on the end-user requirements.

POS system review websites cannot be expected to cover most let alone all the features. Unless one is a developer, it is unrealistic to expect the reviewer to know all the aspects of a POS system. For instance, a POS system might work smoothly on a test database during the review but not when the database grows significantly in size over months of usage.

And this is only one among many hidden critical functionality issues of a POS system. Vendors and retailers are working to standardize development of computerized POS systems and simplify interconnecting POS devices. OPOS was first released in There are also nearly as many proprietary protocols as there are companies making POS peripherals.

Most POS peripherals, such as displays and printers, support several of these command protocols to work with many different brands of POS terminals and computers. The design of the sale window is the most important one for the user.

This user interface is highly critical when compared to those in other software packages such as word editors or spreadsheet programs where the speed of navigation is not so crucial for business performance. For businesses at prime locations where real estate is at a premium, it can be common to see a queue of customers.

The faster a sale is completed the shorter the queue time which improves customer satisfaction, the less space it takes, which benefits shoppers and staff. High-traffic operations such as grocery outlets and cafes need to process sales quickly at the sales counter so the UI flow is often designed with as few popups or other interruptions to ensure the operator isn’t distracted and the transaction can be processed as quickly as possible.

Although improving the ergonomics is possible, a clean, fast-paced look may come at the expense of sacrificing functions that are often wanted by end-users such as discounts, access to commission earned screens, membership and loyalty schemes can involve looking at a different function of the POS to ensure the point of sale screen contains only what a cashier needs at their disposal to serve customers.

The advent of cloud computing has given birth to the possibility of electronic point of sale EPOS systems [14] to be deployed as software as a service , which can be accessed directly from the Internet using any internet browser.

Using the previous advances in the communication protocols for POS’s control of hardware, cloud-based POS systems are independent from platform and operating system limitations. EPOS systems based in the cloud most small-business POS today are generally subscription-based, which includes ongoing customer support. Compared to regular cash registers which tend to be significantly cheaper but only process sales and prints receipts , POS systems include automatic updating of the inventory library stock levels when selling products, real-time reports accessible from a remote computer, staff timesheets and a customer library with loyalty features.

These devices can also act as barcode readers using a built-in camera and as payment terminals using built-in NFC technology or an external payment card reader.

A number of POS companies built their software specifically to be cloud-based. Other businesses who launched pres have since adapted their software to evolving technology. Cloud-based POS systems are different from traditional POS largely because user data, including sales and inventory, are not stored locally, but in a remote server. The POS system is also not run locally, so there is no installation required.

Depending on the POS vendor and the terms of contract, compared to traditional on-premises POS installation, the software is more likely to be continually updated by the developer with more useful features and better performance in terms of computer resources at the remote server and in terms of fewer bugs and errors. Other advantages of a cloud-based POS are instant centralization of data important especially to chain stores , ability to access data from anywhere there is internet connection, and lower start-up costs.

Cloud based POS requires an internet connection. For this reason it important to use a device with 3G connectivity in case the device’s primary internet goes down. In addition to being significantly less expensive than traditional legacy point of sale systems, the real strength of a cloud based point of sale system is that there are many developers creating software applications for cloud-based POS. Cloud-based POS systems are often described [ by whom? A number of noted emerging cloud-based POS systems came on the scene less than a decade or even half a decade back.

These systems are usually designed for restaurants, small and medium-sized retail operations with fairly simple sale processes as can be culled from POS system review sites. It appears from such software reviews that enterprise-level cloud-based POS systems are currently lacking in the market.

It can also mean that the system software and cloud server must be capable of generating reports such as analytics of sale against inventory for both a single and multiple outlets that are interlinked for administration by the headquarters of the business operation. POS vendors of such cloud based systems should also have a strong contingency plan for the breakdown of their remote server such as represented by fail-over server support.

Sometimes a major data center can fail completely, such as in a fire. The on-premises installations may not have the most up-to-date inventory and membership information. For such contingency, a more innovative though highly complex approach for the developer is to have a trimmed down version of the POS system installed on the cashier computer at the outlet.

On a daily basis the latest inventory and membership information from the remote server is automatically updated into the local database. Thus should the remote server fail, the cashier can switch over to the local sale window without disrupting sales. When the remote server is restored and the cashier switches over to the cloud system, the locally processed sale records are then automatically submitted to the remote system, thus maintaining the integrity of the remote database.

Although cloud-based POS systems save the end-user startup cost and technical challenges in maintaining an otherwise on-premises installation, there is a risk that if the cloud-based vendor closes down it may result in more immediate termination of services for the end-user compared to the case of a traditional full on-premises POS system where it can still run without the vendor. Another consideration is that a cloud-based POS system actually exposes business data to service providers – the hosting service company and the POS vendor which have access to both the application and database.

The importance of securing critical business information such as supplier names, top selling items, customer relationship processes cannot be underestimated given that sometimes the few key success factors or trade secrets of a business are actually accessible through the POS system. This security and privacy concern is an ongoing issue in cloud computing. The retail industry is one of the predominant users of POS terminals.

It can also include a conveyor belt , checkout divider , weight scale, integrated credit card processing system, a signature capture device and a customer pin pad device.

While the system may include a keyboard and mouse, more and more POS monitors use touch-screen technology for ease of use, and a computer is built into the monitor chassis for what is referred to as an all-in-one unit.

All-in-one POS units liberate counter space for the retailer. The POS system software can typically handle a myriad of customer based functions such as sales, returns, exchanges, layaways, gift cards , gift registries, customer loyalty programs, promotions, discounts and much more. POS software can also allow for functions such as pre-planned promotional sales, manufacturer coupon validation, foreign currency handling and multiple payment types.

The POS unit handles the sales to the consumer but it is only one part of the entire POS system used in a retail business. Customer information may be stored for receivables management, marketing purposes and specific buying analysis. Many retail POS systems include an accounting interface that “feeds” sales and cost of goods information to independent accounting applications. A multiple point of sale system used by big retailers like supermarkets and department stores has a far more demanding database and software architecture than that of a single station seen in small retail outlets.

A supermarket with high traffic cannot afford a systemic failure, hence each point of sale station should not only be very robust both in terms of software, database and hardware specifications but also designed in such a way as to prevent causing a systemic failure – such as may happen through the use of a single central database for operations.

At the same time updating between multiple stations and the back end administrative computer should be capable of being efficiently performed, so that on one hand either at the start of the day or at any time each station will have the latest inventory to process all items for sale, while on the other hand at the end of the day the back end administrative computer can be updated in terms of all sale records.

This gets even more complicated when there is a membership system requiring real-time two-way updating of membership points between sale stations and the back end administrative computer. Retail operations such as hardware stores, lumber yards, electronics stores and so-called multifaceted superstores need specialized additional features compared to other stores.

POS software in these cases handles special orders, purchase orders, repair orders, service and rental programs as well as typical point of sale functions.

Rugged hardware is required for point of sale systems used in outdoor environments. Wireless devices, battery powered devices, all-in-one units, and Internet-ready machines are typical in this industry. Recently new applications have been introduced, enabling POS transactions to be conducted using mobile phones and tablets.

According to a recent study, mobile POS mPOS terminals are expected to replace the contemporary payment techniques because of various features including mobility, upfront low cost investment and better user experience.

In the mids, the blind community in the United States engaged in structured negotiations to ensure that retail point of sale devices had tactile keypads. Without keys that can be felt, a blind person cannot independently enter her or his PIN. In the mids retailers began using “flat screen” or “signature capture” devices that eliminated tactile keypads.

Blind people were forced to share their confidential PIN with store clerks to use their debit and other PIN-based cards. The blind community reached agreement with Walmart, Target, CVS and eight other retailers that required real physical keys so blind people could use the devices. Early stores typically kept merchandise behind a counter. Staff would fetch items for customers to prevent the opportunity for theft and sales would be made at the same counter.

Self-service grocery stores such as Piggly Wiggly , beginning in , allowed customers to fetch their own items and pass the point of sale enroute to the exit.

Many stores have a number of checkout stations. Some stations may have an automated cashier self-checkout. Express lanes might limit the type of payment, or number or type of goods, to expedite service. If each checkout station has a separate queue, customers have to guess which line will move the fastest, to minimize their wait times. They are often frustrated to be wrong or be stuck behind another customer who encounters a problem or who takes excessive time to check out.

Some stores use a single, much longer but faster-moving line, that is served by multiple registers, which produces the same average wait time, but reduces the frustration and variance in wait time from person to person. Hospitality point of sale systems are computerized systems incorporating registers, computers and peripheral equipment, usually on a computer network to be used in restaurants, hair salons or hotels.

Like other point of sale systems, these systems track sales, labor, payroll and can generate records used in accounting and bookkeeping. They may be accessed remotely by restaurant corporate offices, troubleshooters and other authorized parties. Point of sale systems have revolutionized the restaurant industry, particularly in the fast food sector. In the most recent technologies, registers are computers, sometimes with touch screens.

The registers connect to a server, often referred to as a “store controller” or a “central control unit”. Printers and monitors are also found on the network. Additionally, remote servers can connect to store networks and monitor sales and other store data. Typical restaurant POS software is able to create and print guest checks, print orders to kitchens and bars for preparation, process credit cards and other payment cards, and run reports.

In addition, some systems implement wireless pagers and electronic signature-capture devices. In the fast food industry, displays may be at the front counter, or configured for drive-through or walk-through cashiering and order taking.


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Times investigation reveals institutions are removing books containing suicide and slavery from reading lists. Ten universities, including three from the Russell Group, have withdrawn books from course study At a leadership hustings in Darlington the former chancellor again traded angry blows with the foreign secretary as she accused him of embracing Martin Lewis, the money-saving expert, said the frontrunner to become prime minister must set out detailed plans this month and offered to Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak should be honest about what their plans mean for public services.

Switching table salt for healthier low-sodium alternatives can cut the risk of dying of heart attacks, a study has Switching table salt for healthier low-sodium alternatives can cut the risk of dying of heart Serena Williams has announced her upcoming retirement from tennis at the age of 40 and said that Said mellow year-old Glaswegian comic will also spend his hour on the Fringe touching on the death of the Queen Beavers have provided a dam fine defence against drought-like conditions in Somerset, creating a luscious area of Beavers have provided a dam fine defence against drought-like conditions in Somerset, creating a Rumours abounded that he When a man I had been seeing told me we were never dating, I felt it in my stomach.

The sheer injustice of those words. The sheer He was not the first to call it that. A hybrid weapon that can operate as a submarine-shaped drone and then launch from the sea to fly in the air with A hybrid weapon that can operate as a submarine-shaped drone and then launch from the sea to fly Efforts to bring cheetahs back to India for the first time in 70 years have been threatened by native leopards who Efforts to bring cheetahs back to India for the first time in 70 years have been threatened by Inflation and rising wages are eating into departmental budgets.

Trigger warnings and exclusions of books have no place on university courses. The world, even the French, may need to learn to love an ungarnished sausage. Belgium : An EU ban on the import of coal and other solid fossil fuels originating from or exported from Russia comes into effect, as part of the fifth sanctions package adopted on April 8.

Rwanda : Antony Blinken, the US secretary of state, begins a three-day visit. Did you notice the swifts leave? One moment the evenings were filled with their screaming sorties, the next the skies were silent.

Unlike swallows and house martins, who make a great palaver over their migration and gather in large, noisy numbers for weeks in advance, swifts tend to exit quickly. Their decision to go is thought to rest on food availability. When this food is no longer abundant, the swifts depart, flying south in search of it. By the middle of August, most swifts will be high above Africa. The number of used cars sold fell by nearly a fifth in the second quarter as the supply issues that have put the brakes on the new car market finally hit the availability of second-hand vehicles.

Figures out today from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders showed a The number of used cars sold fell by nearly a fifth in the second quarter as the supply issues that have put the brakes on the The company said the year deal with Delfin Midstream would mean importing 1 million tonnes of LNG annually from , enough If only we could bottle all the hot air spouted by our two candidates for PM: the new leader being democratically If only we could bottle all the hot air spouted by our two candidates for PM: the new leader Non-farm labour productivity — the goods and services produced in the United The Conservative leadership contest has been dominated by economics.

Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak have laid out Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak Robust demand for premium clothing in the United States and Europe has boosted sales at Ralph Lauren despite rampant inflation, sporadic pandemic disruption and currency fluctuations. The luxury fashion house beat expectations on Wall Street in Robust demand for premium clothing in the United States and Europe has boosted sales at Ralph Streaming royalties slowed at Warner Music Group in the past quarter as it grapples with pressure in the global advertising market.

Streaming royalties slowed at Warner Music Group in the past quarter as it grapples with pressure Providing inspiration and advice for entrepreneurs on how to run and grow their businesses. The American great will bring an end to her glittering Serena Williams has announced her upcoming retirement from tennis at the age of 40 and said that had it not been for the He has done it in camp with the players who The BBC is under growing pressure to reverse its decision to scrap the reading of the classified football results on the radio, with demands from within the organisation mounting and the culture secretary Nadine Dorries describing the move as wrong.

The BBC is under growing pressure to reverse its decision to scrap the reading of the classified When I was a young boy in the s, my father and I would go to the Baseball Ground to watch If you want to understand the mindset of Serena Williams take a look at her reflections about deciding to retire from If you want to understand the mindset of Serena Williams take a look at her reflections about When Jessica Ennis-Hill penned her memoirs in the wake of her Olympic triumph ten years ago, prominent in her list of acknowledgements was the man who turned a reluctant teenager into a champion.

When Jessica Ennis-Hill penned her memoirs in the wake of her Olympic triumph ten years ago Minichiello, who was found guilty of 11 serious charges including A mercurial talent from Juventus with an overbearing agent and a hefty salary being hailed as the It is exactly ten years since the club was listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the Glazers have taken more than Kate Greville, 38, said that she was attacked The Arsenal manager made detailed notes about the incidents, including times and dates, building up evidence before dropping Aubameyang and stripping him of the It was the coup that turned into a catastrophe.

Two writers try out the trend. Four 1,kg bovines are being rehomed in Kent as part of a wilding experiment. It has become a modern buzzword — most recently cropping up in the Ryan Giggs trial.

But what is it? Unfortunately, I am also over dresses. The timing of this is admittedly less than ideal. But I have been floating about in frocks day in, day out for weeks. And one of the joys of Unfortunately, I am also over Great Expectations by Charles Dickens — a marvel of imagination and plotting. He is completely immersive. My favourite author or book All your questions are all but impossible to answer, but the Ready-rolled filo pastry is a fabulous dessert shortcut.

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With street food, vintage shopping and immersive theatre shows, Sin City appeals to both Sara Rumens and her teenage son. The pick of the spots this summer for a trendy gelato or a classic knickerbocker glory. Georgia Stephens speaks to hotel manager Claire Llewellin-Davis about their after-hours antics. Before my parents moved to Swindon, we spent the first seven years of my life in Waterford, one of the most beautiful Before my parents moved to Swindon, we spent the first seven years of my life in Waterford, one Everything you need to know about airports, cancellations and entry requirements.

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When Lamont Dozier was stuck for a new song, he would seek inspiration by picking a fight or even breaking up with his GET wisdom, get understanding; do not forget my words or turn away from them.

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