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Fix 0xc Error Code on Windows 10⠀| DiskInternals – 1. Check the Hardware

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Windows 10 an unexpected i/o error has occured – Microsoft Community.

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Hi, This error message: An unexpected I/O error has occurred. Status: (0Xce9) is a hardware error pertaining to your system’s BIOS. The error code 0xce9 is generally a hardware error pretaining to your BIOS settings. If you are seeing this error, generally it’s because.


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To check this, follow the steps below:. Note: If you cannot access the desktop to open the console below, you can do it from the Windows Recovery Environment. Usually, it is opened automatically after encountering any BSOD issue. If not, you can do it manually via the steps below:. However, it may look deeper and find corrupted data that SFC could miss. We have already found that there might be a problem with external devices plugged into your system.

However, If you do not use any, but still witness the 0xce9 error, not excluded that this is the problem with an internal hard drive. In case you are constantly interrupted by the issue, unable to boot up the system, and no recovery methods can help you, the best decision to make is to give your laptop or PC to the professional staff.

Of course, if you are experienced enough, you can do it on your own, so it is only up to you. MBR is a special type of boot sector holding information about partitions, containing file systems, and assisting the load of an operating system.

In case it is corrupted, the system will be experiencing the trouble of loading correctly. This is a hard and monotonous process, especially if trying to do this with basic tools provided by Windows.

We recommend you search for a program specializing in doing this task to avoid the risks of manual attempts. One more method you can apply to solve the issue of 0xce9 is by repairing your disk segments.

Sometimes they can be damaged and prevent your system from working as it should. To run the scan and repair, follow this list of instructions:.

The presence of malicious programs has always been troublesome to Windows configurations. Never underestimate the chance of malware ruining your settings and leading to various errors. Although this is not the most probable reason, you should definitely scan your system. If you are unsure which antivirus to use, we recommend Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, a trusted and efficient program in providing quality protection and wiping any malware attacking your system.

You can try it using the button below:. If you started seeing the error pop-up after running some changes or installing a program, you can select the date when everything worked fine through a restore point.

You do not need any additional software, so just follow the steps below:. We hope you have finally approached the end of this issue. Usually, hard drive errors are a bad sign indicating potential problems that will arise in the future. Knowing that and detecting such beforehand, can buy you additional time to prevent future consequences. So restart your computer system and then plug in your hardware. If the error still occurs then update the driver of the hardware and then try to use it on the PC and the last option is you must try to connect the hardware to some another PC.

If the error still occurs then there is some problem with your hardware. Sometimes the disk problems also result in the occurrence of this error. So you must run a Check Disk command in order to resolve it. It will take some time in the completion of the process.

Once the process completes you can connect hardware to the computer and the error has been fixed. The Error 0xce9 occurs when the Master Boot Record is not set properly on windows. Non-Technical users can skip this solution because it is quite complex. Sometimes the windows files are also corrupted. Therefore it is recommended to repair windows data file. The windows file corruption is also responsible for error 0xce9. You can try a professional tool to repair those files and fix the error. There are multiple ways to check whether the 0xce9 error is caused by a hardware malfunction:.

Most errors in Windows can be traced back to an outdated or unstable driver. So, it’s essential to keep these drivers updated. While outdated drivers usually cause driver malfunctions, it is also possible that a new driver update has some compatibility issues with Windows. If the error appeared after you updated the system drivers or downloaded a Windows update, it might be worth your while to roll back those changes and check for the error again.

Sometimes, Windows files can get corrupted due to malware or third-party applications. Fortunately, there are quite a few in-built utilities that can automatically detect and fix these files. Running both these utilities is the best way to ensure your computer is working in its ideal state. This is an advanced troubleshooting method that should be used when none of the aforementioned methods work.